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Video Production Wales

Creative, Professional, Skilled, Local, Friendly – Add the wow factor to your website !
Whether it’s being viewed on a laptop, a PC or a smartphone, a professionally produced video can bring your website alive.
Show off your products and services to your customers in stunning HD on the web, DVD or TV.

Jon and Rebecca at Storm Development are happy to plan, shoot, edit and add music, commentary and sound effects to a video that will showcase your products to a new level that words alone just can’t do.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to put videos on your website.  Videos can be uploaded free to YouTube, with a link from your website.

For an example of the impact a video can have : click here 2.1million plays and counting

Contact Rebecca for a free consultation – For examples of videos we have produced, visit the Gallery

Why create a video?

  1. Video motivates people to purchase
  2. Highlights your unique selling points
  3. Demonstrates how your products work
  4. Educates your target audience
  5. Repeats your message accurately 24/7
  6. Easily distributed to your target audience online or offline

The steps to creating your video

  1. We will create your Storyboard – this describes the style, content and objectives of your video.
  2. We produce with you, a script detailing the storyboard and shooting schedule.
  3. The shooting schedule will identify times, crew and extras at each location.
  4. The correct structure of your video will be created during the editing process in our purpose-built digital editing suite.
  5. A typical crew is 2 persons, a cameraman and director – sometimes only a cameraman is required.
  6. Editing and completion of video, within a specified time frame DVDs are available for your offline distribution


Do you have your own film footage already?
If you already have a film, let us design a Showcase to host it.  Thereby providing you with the ultimate platform to show off your vision.
This will serve to increase your visibility. Immediately boosting your profile in the eyes of your target audience.