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Drone Video Cardigan

Professional Drone filming. 

Fully Insured

Add stunning photos and video to a website and social media accounts.

Drone video is especially good for holiday homes.

Drone video cardigan

Reach New Heights Of Engagement With Our Drone Service

Take Your Brand To A Whole Other Level With Professional Drone Videos

Lead Your Business Sky-High

Make your brand messaging even more impactful with aerial content filmed by a, fully-insured drone operator. Use air-filming flexibility to capture aspects or locations of your business that otherwise would be impossible to show.

Drone video cardigan

Carving The Filming Path

Our filming process centers around you and your ideal concept.

Going through your ideas and requirements to make the perfect plan

Conducting a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure high safety levels
Capturing awe-inspiring views
Premium editing software for an excellent outcome
On time and budget

Customer Videos

Cinematic Videos & Imagery

We fly the DJI Mini 3 Pro, an exceptionally stable and safe drone for breath-taking images and videos.

4 engines make it safe and very stable. Plus its only 249grams so theres less restrictions on what we can film.

Flying All Day

34-minute continuous filming per battery. Multiple battery resources for all-day filming.

4K Quality

Capturing even the slightest detail, we provide crisp and clear 4K visual content.

Professional Handling

We offer footage from different heights and angles for compelling results.

Soar Above The Competition

Elevate your audience engagement, and show a fascinating perspective of your brand. Dynamic drone content will unveil your full business potential and help you thrive.

48 Megapixel

For sharp color-accurate images

High Resolution

Every images is optimised to the highest quality

Web Friendly

All images are supplied to you in web friendly format

Benefits of using Drone Video and Photos

Aerial Video provides you with an interesting opportunity to separate yourself from your competitors and polish your professional look

Business is about telling your customers a story. The story about your brand, the people who work there, and the reasons why you are excited about what you do, what you have to offer…Integrating aerial videography and photography allows many businesses to showcase a different perspective or view of their work.

Drones can go places helicopters can’t
Some of the most impressive and creative drone footage is shot in places that helicopters can’t go.

Low level flying has a creative edge: ground flying through trees, cresting over a ridge, and flying near structures

Jon Siddall