Drone Video Cardigan

Professional Drone filming. 

Licensed CAA drone operator. Fully Insured

Add stunning photos and video to a website and social media accounts.

Drone video is especially good for holiday homes.

Drone Video Cardigan
Drone Video

The Process

We meet with you to go through your requirements for the drone filming and edit. 

Risk assessment at the filming locations

Customer Videos

Our Drone

The Yuneec Typhoon H+ is an extremely good filming platform.

6 engines make it safe and very stable.

28 minutes Flight Time

Per battery. We have plenty of power for several hours of filming

High Image Quality

4k with a 3 axis gimbal, Dual Control system.

Smooth Handling

Smooth movements make the shots look more cinematic

Aerial Photos

20 Megapixel

Leica Lens for sharp color accurate images

High Resolution

Every images is optimised to the highest quality

Web Friendly

All images are supplied to you in web friendly format

Benefits of using Drone Video and Photos

Aerial Video provides you with an interesting opportunity to separate yourself from your competitors and polish your professional look

Business is about telling your customers a story. The story about your brand, the people who work there, and the reasons why you are excited about what you do, what you have to offer…Integrating aerial videography and photography allows many businesses to showcase a different perspective or view of their work.

Drones can go places helicopters can’t
Some of the most impressive and creative drone footage is shot in places that helicopters can’t go.

Low level flying has a creative edge: ground flying through trees, cresting over a ridge, and flying near structures

Jon Siddall