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About Storm.

As a team we are passionate about web design, professional images, video production and want to help our clients businesses succeed.

The Founders.

It all started in Aberarth. We decided to launch Storm Development to combine Web Design, Pro Photography and Video production all in one place.

We are Jon Siddall and Rebecca Leonhardt.
We started Storm Development Ltd in February 2009, working from a home office minutes away from the picturesque town of Aberaeron in Ceredigion.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining relationships with local businesses who wish to explore and capitalise on the power of the Internet.
We are also committed to bringing in additional specialist help when needed, using local Welsh expertise whenever possible.

We bring a blend of skills and experience to our work:

Rebecca combines an extensive corporate communications, sales and marketing background with Jon’s technical and creative expertise in website design, professional photography & video production.

To see examples of recent projects visit our Gallery pages: Web Design Video Production & Photography.
We have our own mini marquee, animal friendly generator and print & buy on the day facilities, for Spring and Summer Equestrian ( and other ) Photography Events .

We pride ourselves on being approachable, open, honest, affordable and ultimately flexible in meeting your needs and delivering a quality service on time.

We don’t work 9 to 5 and we always aim to meet the needs of you, our clients. Our overheads are deliberately kept to a minimum to ensure the rates we quote you remain affordable. Our company has grown through your recommendation and constant revamping of our own website which proves that an effective web presence, marketed strongly, can work for any business.

Contact Rebecca for a free consultation.

Jon Siddall

Jon Siddall

Jon is our main technical person in charge of creating the websites, running and maintaining the server. He is also our main professional photographer and videographer. A skilled video editor,…

Rebecca Leonhardt

Rebecca Leonhardt

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